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African violets
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African Violet Growing Hints

The African Violet Association aims to provided members with information on growing not just African Violets, but also the other members of the Gesneriad family.

In addition to the talks and demonstrations given at the meetings, there is always the opportunity to swap information with other members of the Association. 

The Association's quarterly news magazine "The African Violet" has articles on different facets of growing of African violets and other Gesneriad plants.

Doarothy's Delight

Dorothy's Delight

African Violet and Gesneriad Information on This Site

Growing and flowering African Violets (a brief overview)
General Care of Other Gesneriads (a brief overview)
The Three Secrets (article)
Making your African Violets Flower (article)
Powdery Mildew Time - again (article)

Do you want to have "Success with African Violets"?

If so, you need the Association’s publication of that name. 

It covers topics such as: Potting Mixes, Watering, Fertilising, Propagation, Pests and Diseases, Growing under Artificial Light, Growing Miniatures and Trailers, Recommended Varieties etc.

Price is $7.00 including postage. It is available by contacting us using the methods shown on the Contact Us page.

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The African Violet Association of Australia, can be contacted by email  or go to the Contact Us page for other options. Download a Membership form from here.