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The African Violet Association of Australia, Inc. was formed to promote a better understanding of the growing of the plants of the Gesneriad family and to provide a way for enthusiasts of these plants to share experiences.

The most widely known member of this family is the African violet (Saintpaulia). Other members of the gesneriad family including Columneas, Achimenes, Kohlerias, Episcias, Nematanthus, Sinningias, Aeschynanthus and Gloxinia are now becoming more popular.

Meetings where these plants are the focus of attention are held at 10.30 am on the 2nd Monday of each month February to November at the Burwood RSL Club, 96 Shaftesbury Road, Burwood, NSW.

Visitors are always welcome, but if you would like more information first, please ask us, by using the Contact link above.

Next Meeting
The Association's next meeting will be on 9 October. The main subject will be entitled "African violets and water" There will also be  information on growing one of the other Gesneriads

What are the benefits of membership?

1. Regular meetings provide informative talks and demonstrations as well as useful interaction with other growers

Upcoming meetings are detailed here.

2. Meetings include a mini-show of plants where a selection of plants at their best is exhibited to members

Photographs of plants that have been exhibited at our meetings can be found here.

3. Each meeting has a plant sales table where members may purchase plants unavailable outside of hobby growing.

4. Members are able to pre-order growing supplies such as potting mix and pots and pick them up at the meetings.

5. The Association's newsletter, "The African Violet" is provided to all members, either by email or by post.

The most recent (Aug. 2023) edition of "The African Violet" includes the following articles:

Annual General Meeting Report
The Best is Yet to Come
Ways of Sharing our Hobby
pH with Reference to African Violets
Sinningia pusilla and Sinningia pusilla 'White Sprite'
Rejuvenating an African Violet in Pictures

Placeholder Picture

Our African Violet and Gesneriad Display and Sale will be held on 11 November 2023. More details available closer to that time.

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The African Violet Association of Australia, can be contacted by going to the Contact Us page.
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